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PORTUGAL: XVIII Autumn Conference in the University of Minho

Dedicating its XVIII Autumn Conference to Thomas Morus’s 500 year anniversary of his work Utopia, the Political Science group from the University of Minho (through its center of humanistic studies) has organized an event to be held in the 17th and 18th of November.   This Conference, titled “A utopia de um rendimento básico incondicional” (“The utopia of a universal

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An Interview with André Coelho

What made you become an activist for basic income, and devote so much time to it? A revolution is taking place here and now, and each person has a choice: to be an active part in that revolution (to work for it to succeed), to be a passive part in it (to let it happen, if it must), or to

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PORTUGAL: Meeting with civil associations focused on Basic Income

Jorge Silva, from PAN, at the event   On the 16th of April 2016, ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa hosted an event called “de’Bater de Frente – RBI e Sociedade Civil” (Discussing face-to-face – Basic Income and Civil Society), which joined together activists from RBI Portugal (a BIEN Associate) and several civil society associations, as well as representatives from

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VIDEO: Portuguese talk show dedicates 30 minutes to Basic Income

In this 30 minutes talk show, Júlia Pinheiro, a well-known TV host in Portugal, interviews António Fernandes, Basic Income activist at RBI Portugal, and António Dores, sociologist. Economist Florbela Oliveira takes on the skeptic’s role in the conversation, which entirely surrounds basic income, including its definition and implications. After António Fernandes presents basic income as a concept, Florbela questions its

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Paulo Vieira de Castro, “A Era da empatia económica: o Rendimento Básico Incondicional [The time of economic empathy: Basic Income]”

Paulo Vieira de Castro, after establishing a short but stinging critique to today’s society ruled by financial interests, presents Basic Income as a solution, which can propel society into an era of economic empathy. He concludes by saying that Basic Income shall be implemented because it’s a good idea, as in logical and warmhearted, and that it will serve as

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