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WORLD/PORTUGAL: Schedule and registration for 17th BIEN Congress now available

Terreiro do Paço, Lisboa. Credit to: Like3ZA.


The 17th Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) Congress, happening in Lisbon from September 25-27th, has now a posted schedule and a registration link.

There will be plenary and parallel sessions each day, with a total of 45 sessions over the course of the Congress. Parallel sessions will last for two hours each, usually with six sessions held simultaneously. Each presentation will take up to twenty minutes, followed by up to ten minutes discussion per presentation.

The Congress webpage also provides information on how to purchase tickets, alerting to an extra cost if the entrance fee is paid after the 20th of July. Several fee levels apply, depending on attendance situation, although all include admission to all sessions, the Congress Proceedings and coffee breaks. Simple attendance without a presence certificate is free of charge.

 Closer to the event’s date, all papers and presentations will be available on the Congress webpage. Other details and practical information will be shared in the upcoming weeks, on the website and the Congress Facebook page.


More information at:

17th Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) Congress webpage

17th Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) Congress Facebook page

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  • What presentations do the paid tickets get one access to? Or is that a fee to participate as a presenter?

  • Hat jar Tommasso

    North and South. The North is very expensive and it should be a place where people can focus on working, without worrying about welfare for immigrants. l would like to see these programs in the south where life is so much cheaper. Lousiana? Belize? Get people using banks. Whenever people receive social services that is also suppose to be confidential. Public sector employees have their own newspapers and journals, this is not suppose be in the news. Also, there are drugs to think about. Both governments are trying to sell marijuana to people who would not normally use this drug. Working north/ social South, anyone.

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