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INTERNATIONAL: Sustainability oriented global network includes basic income has one of its pillars

Peter Knight   The global network Sufficiency4Sustainability (S4S), which advocates for sufficiency as a path to sustainability, was just founded in late May this year. It is composed of a web of thinkers, researchers, professors and professionals devoted to promoting “the development of public policies to provide enough for all and curb overconsumption.”   Founding members of the S4S network

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United States: Hawai‘i to study Universal Basic Income and impact of job automation on social safety net

Representative Chris Lee. Credit to: Office of Representative Chris Lee   In the face of growing economic inequality and projections of increased disparities in the coming decades, Hawai‘i has passed a resolution to establish a Basic Economic Security Working Group. The working group will investigate the impact job automation will have on the residents of Hawai‘i and its social safety

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Alf Hornborg, “How to turn an ocean liner: a proposal for voluntary degrowth by redesigning money for sustainability, justice, and resilience”

In an article published in the Journal of Political Ecology, Professor Alf Hornborg of the human ecology division of Lund University proposes that each country establish a complementary currency for local use only, which would be distributed to all its residents as a basic income. In this way, humanity as a whole would regain justice and sustainability. In pre-modern societies,

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WORLD/PORTUGAL: Schedule and registration for 17th BIEN Congress now available

Terreiro do Paço, Lisboa. Credit to: Like3ZA.   The 17th Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) Congress, happening in Lisbon from September 25-27th, has now a posted schedule and a registration link. There will be plenary and parallel sessions each day, with a total of 45 sessions over the course of the Congress. Parallel sessions will last for two hours each,

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CANADA: Vancouver based non-profit, the New Leaf Project, is starting an unconditional cash transfer pilot study this Summer

Claire Williams and Frans Tjallingii A new non-profit organization named the New Leaf Project (NLP) is on the verge of starting a direct unconditional cash transfer program in Vancouver, Canada. This program, designed as a test pilot, is set to start in late summer, and will disburse a one-time cash grant of 7500 CAN$ to 50 recently homeless people.  

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Roosevelt Institute finds that giving cash directly to people improves quality of life

Ioana Marinescu. Credit to: Harris School of Pubic Policy.   The Roosevelt Institute finds positive overall quality of life outcomes from giving cash directly to individuals. By studying three programs that share different components of a universal basic income, University of Chicago Professor Ioana Marinescu is able to shed light on empirical evidence showing improvements in consumption, health, education, among other

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