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INTERVIEW: Congressional Candidate Ian Schlakman on His Call for a Basic Income Guarantee or “Social Security for All”

As reported here earlier this month, Green Party candidate for Congress Ian Schlakman of Maryland’s Second Congressional District has made the Basic Income Guarantee a major issue in his campaign. Basic Income News asked him for an interview and he took the time from his campaign to answer our questions. I first learned about a negative income tax when I

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Video: Interview with Karl Widerquist on the Alaska Permanent Fund

Karl Widerquist holds a Ph.D. in Political Theory and another one in Economics. He teaches in Qatar as Associate Professor at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. Furthermore he is co-chair of the Basic Income Earth Network and a member of the coordinating committee of the USBIG Network. One of his topics is Basic Income and he is very interested in the Alaska Permanent Fund. Recently he finished a book together with Michael Howard on this issue. It is going to be published in 2012.

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