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QUEBEC, CANADA: Government “hints at” Guaranteed Minimum Income in new budget

Photo: Hôtel du Parlement du Québec, CC BY-SA 3.0 Jeangagnon Quebec hints at basic income1 in recent budget, aims to bypass testing By Roderick Benns   The Quebec Liberal government has hinted strongly in its recent budget that some form of basic income guarantee is imminent – but likely only for a portion of the province, at least to begin with. Of note

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ISRAEL: Government plans to research idea of basic income

By Yedidya Lau (Institute for Structural Reforms) Recently, the government of Israel published a book containing its work plans for 2017-2018. This book accompanies each budget in order to clarify the main objectives that the government plans to carry out through the budget and place measurable outcomes. The new book contains for the first time, besides the plans of the

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Breaking the Vicious Circle: Basic Income and Sexual Exploitation

By Rae Story I had an abusive boyfriend once. He lured me in with promises of provision and vindication. But he was a perfidious son of a gun, because the initial half of his Janus face was insidiously torn aside, to reveal his deft capacity for creating insecurity, isolation and intellectual dissonance. My boyfriend, my great, devastating, intoxicating love, was

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Article 25 and Basic Income: The perfect match

Article 25 and Basic Income: The perfect match Most of us are aware of the problems we are collectively facing: environmental issues, job losses or job insecurity, homelessness, increased violence, terrorism, an immigration and refugee crisis, overpopulation, poverty and famine. What hardly anyone is talking about is that we are all connected, and as much as we may have separated

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