Basic Income is taking a big step forward in Maricá

Basic Income is taking a big step forward in Maricá

Photo: Maricá Mayor Fabiano Horta with São Paulo State Deputy Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy

Photo credit: Lucas Martins

By Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy

It was very inspiring to attend a municipal meeting with thousands of people, residents of Maricá, a municipality of the State of Rio de Janeiro, during a visit on November 2- 4. These residents each received a Mumbuca Card of the Citizen´s Basic Income, from the hands of Mayor Fabiano Horta (Workers Party – PT), his predecessor Washington Quaquá (who was the initiator of the pioneering municipality program), and their team.


Life on Basic Income: Stories from Southern Ontario

Life on Basic Income: Stories from Southern Ontario

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

A Canadian research team recently presented a new report on the Ontario Basic Income pilot during a launch event organized by their community partners, the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction. The report, which includes a special foreword from Ontario’s former Premier Kathleen Wynne, who implemented the pilot and also spoke at the event, builds upon the same team’s previous quantitative findings. The new research delves into a qualitative exploration of the Ontario Basic Income, highlighting the personal narratives, perspectives, and lived experiences of participants to provide a nuanced understanding of the policy’s effects on different aspects of well-being. The event’s agenda featured a documentary screening, a panel discussion, presentations on national basic income trends, the unveiling of a zine, and more. The occasion was covered by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which reported on the event and its key discussions.

A global sense-making session on Universal Basic Income on October 24

UBI Lab Finland started building an understanding of the many perspectives and possibilities of UBI (Universal Basic Income) on the Hunome ‘social 4.0’ platform (see more about Hunome and why we’ve started using it below). UBI Lab Finland is part of the worldwide UBI Lab Network, comprising over 40 individual local and thematic UBI Labs around the world.

We now invite you to join in this build. We are arranging a global sense-making session in, around, and on Universal Basic Income on October 24 at 5-7 PM Helsinki (EEST) | 3-5 PM London| 4-6 PM Paris | 10-12 AM NYC time.  

Bring your thoughts and knowledge, let’s learn from each other across countries and build shared understanding around UBI globally and locally with the atomic community in Hunome!  

To join the UBI SparkMap and this session on Hunome, register on Hunome:

  • During the registration process, please specify “UBI” in the field ‘How did you hear about us’.
  • You will then receive the Zoom session link on the email you use to register to Hunome.
    Please note that the ‘add to calendar’ item at the end of this page only pencils it in for you but is not known to us.
  • If you have already registered let us know at hello (at) hunome (dot) com that you are interested in joining this session.
  • Once you have registered to Hunome you can go to the ‘Universal Basic Income (UBI)’ SparkMap where you can explore the multiple, multidimensional, and multidisciplinary perspectives there already are in the UBI SparkMap and add your thinking there even before this session (and after it).
What Could a Universal Basic Income Deliver in a Future Bristol?

What Could a Universal Basic Income Deliver in a Future Bristol?

In the city of the future, citizens would feel secure and able to flourish. That includes income security. Technology is both forcing and enabling lifestyle change. The best response is to maximise the gains it offers and mediate any loss it imposes. Automation will continue to offer a plethora of accessible services, but will also continue to change employment patterns, and the income which goes with employment. Some jobs will be lost; other new services will create jobs.

To read more, click here.

16th International Basic Income Week Mo-Su 18th-24th September 2023

16th International Basic Income Week Mo-Su 18th-24th September 2023

Hello Basic Income Week Supporters,

we are happily to announce the Motto of the 16th International Basic Income Week Mo-Su 18th-24th September 2023 or #basicincomeweek16 with:

“Basic Income: Civilization at its best!”

Download a poster or image to print and/or use yourself for your media you can here in english and german with beautiful motifs on coins what the basic income stands for.

The motto design was created by Stefanie Rothkötter, a graphic designer from Germany at Vistro Studio
This design is not copyrighted, so it can be used without any changes.
Many thanks to her.

At motto voting January 2023 where for 24 different countries was voted was the second place “24) Stop talking, start acting – Basic Income!”.

We invite activists around the world to contribute to our action Week for Unconditional Basic Income. The Basic Income Week is a week of participation around the globe and we need YOU to join us.

Like last years we have 3 synchronized actions/events, where it would be nice if you participate:

– September 1st-24th, 2023 “Basic Income Profile Picture Action” or – overlay your profile picture at facebook and twitter

– Wednesday 20th September 2023 “Count on Basic Income Photo Action” or #countonbasicincome – make a photo and post it to your social media with the hashtag

– Friday 22nd September 2023 “6th International Basic Income Beer” or #basicincomebeer – go to a place where you have a drink, and can link up with other people who are doing the same thing at the same time

You can also take part with host a film screening party or at best with organize an International Basic Income March like in Lisboa and Porto (Portugal)

50 basic income Facebook pages from countries/continents are set-up as a co-host in our three Facebook-Main-Events ibiw2023 and bippa2023 and cobipa2023 and only need to accept direct in the events! Other ask via the Facebook page messenger

Please tell us your basic income event (taking place during the Basic Income Week) at or better at our Facebook page by setting up our Facebook page as a co-host of your Facebook event.
All events must be announced before the start of Basic Income Week Monday 18th September 2023, so that we have time to share them.

All us known events you find in the Google calendar at or equally at Facebook

Volunteers who would like to help the Basic Income Week Team are welcome e.g. create content for YouTube and Instagram or network worldwide. Please contact by Email or Social Media messenger.

Thanks everyone!

Your Basic Income Week Team