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Scott Santens: “Is the solution to extreme wealth inequality really – Alaska?”

Scott Santens. Credit to: Singularity Bros.   Scott Santens, writer and long time UBI advocate, speaking at the Davos World Economic Forum 2017, views the Alaska Permanent Fund as a foundational aspect for the funding for a Universal Basic Income – a UBI.  Santens, and a growing number of people all over this planet are coming to the conclusion that something

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Ben Mangan, “Will universal basic income end inequality? Maybe.”

Ben Mangan is the executive director of the Center for Social Leadership (CSSL) at UC Berkeley-Haas business school, as well as a lecturer there. He is also a senior fellow at the Aspen Institute. In a January 2017 article for TED, Mangan notes that universal basic income (UBI) has been seen by many as a solution to a wide range

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Anthony Painter, “A universal basic income: the answer to poverty, insecurity, and health inequality?”

Anthony Painter, Director of the Action and Research Center at the RSA, in an editorial article described an experiment in the middle of the 1970s in the small town of Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. As Painter describes, there were “statistically significant benefits” to the physical and mental health of the participants in the experiment, which was in the British Medical Journal.

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Conor Lynch, “Stephen Hawking sobre el futuro del capitalismo, la desigualdad…y la Renta Básica” [“Stephen Hawking on the future of capitalism, inequality…and the basic income”]

Machines are getting better and better at performing work that was or still is performed by humans. This article starts with Stephen Hawking’s thoughts on the issue, which are that without proper wealth distribution, society will become a distopia in which an elite will have everything and all the rest almost nothing. Conor Lynch argues that, although current social developments

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Jack Smith, “Even Big Banks Think Robot Automation Will Lead to Further Income Inequality”

A report (pdf) by Bank of America Merrill Lynch predicts that unemployment due to technological innovation could eliminate nearly half of all jobs in the United States. This will further exacerbate income inequality, as the potential $7 trillion in new wealth from technology will likely be exclusively controlled by powerful individuals. The report worries that this will lead to monopolization

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Stewart Lansley, “How Social Wealth Funds Could Help Tackle Inequality.”

ABSTRACT: This article examines the potential to tackle the roots of inequality by the introduction of one or more social wealth funds. Such funds would aim to capture some of the financial gains from the private ownership of capital—a principal driver of inequality—and use the proceeds for wider community benefit, such as investment in social infrastructure. In recent decades a

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