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VIDEO: Al Jazeera Panel Debates Basic Income

A discussion on “the basic income experiment” was the focus of an episode of Al Jazeera’s The Stream, with Femi Oke and Malika Bilal, in January 2017. The debate, which centred around the Finnish BI experiment, included perspectives from both sides of the issue: those concerned basic income will eliminate incentives to work and those who see BI as a

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SWITZERLAND: Future of Work conference videos online

The Future of Work congress was held in Zurich on May 4, 2016 to discuss ways to adjust society in the face of rapid technological change — including, especially, basic income. Britain’s RSA (Royal Society of Arts) has now uploaded a complete video of the conference. Moreover, Neopolis has made videos of particular sessions available on YouTube. Keynote addresses available for online viewing

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VIDEO: Podemos Renta Básica – Renta Básica YA! [Basic Income NOW!]

This short clip, with clear attractive drawings and without spoken words, depicts the basic income financing scheme presented by Jordi Arcarons, Antoni Doménech, Daniel Raventós and Lluís Torrens, which in Spain would result in 645 €/month for every citizen. This is an initiative of the Podemos Renta Básica group, which has remained very active, even though the Podemos political party

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Basic Income on BBC Newshour Extra

Basic Income was the focus of the March 5 episode of BBC’s Newshour Extra, a weekly podcast hosted by British journalist Owen Bennett Jones. The episode, entitled “Money For Nothing?”, features a distinguished panel of four experts on the topic: Guy Standing, professor at the University of London and founder of the Basic Income Earth Network; Rutger Bregman, Dutch reporter

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