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Jess O'Connor, “The case for and against unconditional basic income in Switzerland”

[Josh Martin] In this article, O’Connor begins with an explanation of the process behind Swiss referendums as well as recent issues that triggered referendums.  Particularly popular debates in Switzerland today focus on income inequality, O’Connor writes, partially because of the country’s lack of a minimum wage law while the top one percent own a third of the wealth.  Switzerland will

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Alfter, Germany: Grundeinkommen und Demokratie Symposium / Basic Income and Democracy Symposium, January 22 2014

[Michael Millar] A discussion on Basic Income in Switzerland, Germany and Japan is taking place on the 22nd of January. Participation is free and there will be simultaneous translations of the speakers into German. The symposium starts at 0930 and ends at 1700 and the location is Alanus Hochschule, Campus II, Semi 7, Villestraße 3, 53347 Alfter, Germany. For more

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BBC reports on basic income in Switzerland

On December 18th, 2013, the BBC News published a lengthy article about the referendum on basic income to be held in Switzerland. According to the BBC, “the anger among many Swiss voters at the news that some of their biggest banks, such as UBS, had continued paying top executives huge bonuses while also reporting huge losses” played a role in

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Philippe Van Parijs, "Arguing for the introduction of a basic income"

On December 13th, 2013, the French daily Le Monde has published a column entitled “Pour la mise en place d’un revenu universel” (“Arguing for the introduction of a basic income”), by Philippe Van Parijs (Louvain University). Among other things, Van Parijs refers to the Swiss referendum on basic income. This opinion piece is available online.

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SWITZERLAND: Bank Vault with 8,000,000 Swiss 5-cent coins goes on sale to benefit Generation Basic Income

A Bank vault with several hundred thousands dollars worth of coins inside is on sale (at a negotiable price) to benefit Generation Basic Income. The organization used the coins in a demonstration last October when it delivered signatures on a petition calling for a referendum on basic income in Switzerland. The group hopes that the sale of the contents will

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GENEVA, Switzerland: Piloting Basic Income in India: A Transformative Policy?

In what may be a unique social experiment, three pilot basic income schemes were conducted in India between 2010 and 2013, in which over 6,000 men, women and children received universal, equal and completely unconditional monthly cash payments. At this talk, Guy Standing reports on the main outcomes, looking at the effects on sanitation, nutrition, health, schooling, economic activity, women’s

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