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Germany: The first basic income experiment in Germany will start in 2019

Basic income is going to be tested in Germany. The setup of the experiment will be similar to the one now ending in Finland, which means there will be an unconditional cash transfer to 250 randomly selected people among those already receiving benefits (250 others will act as the control group), and evaluate the impact in terms of labor market

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ARGENTINA: Social Security Administrator Emilio Basavilbaso talks about the universalization of a citizen’s income

Basavilvaso and Tagliaferro. Credit to: La Politica Online.   The Administración Nacional de la Seguridad Social (National Social Security Administration) in Argentina, or ANSES, is working on the universalization of the citizen’s income, which is being considered for pensioners and children. ANSES Executive Director Emilio Basavilbaso has himself stated that (the universalization of) a basic income can allow the country “not

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