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Article: Edwin G. Dolan on why libertarians should take Basic Income seriously

In his first piece for the Niskanen Centre, Edwin G. Dolan presents “three types” of libertarian who might be sympathetic to the idea of a universal basic income (UBI). Dolan writes, a “UBI is a policy for pragmatic critics of well-intentioned but ineffective government, for classical liberals, and for advocates of personal freedom.” For libertarian pragmatists, the issue with government

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Marcus Brancaglione: “209 reasons to have faith on basic income”

(Bruna Augusto) Marcus Brancaglione has written yet another book about basic income. Marcus, a brazilian author with more than ten edited books and founder of the Recivitas NGO in Brazil, has compiled libertarian arguments from four of his other books in this new 445 page book.   As a way of spreading the book’s message, Bruna Augusto, president of Recivitas,

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An Interview with Tyler Prochazka

How’d you get an interest in Basic Income (BI)? My interest in BI started back around 2013 after reading a Reason article. It described how a BI would provide a much more efficient social safety net. It intrigued me at the time and over the next couple of years I periodically would seek out the latest research on BI. I was hooked

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