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Ireland 2029: Should Ireland introduce a universal basic income?

In this 30 minute podcast, the possibility of introducing an Universal Basic Income (UBI) in Ireland is analyzed, if it were introduced in a ten-year timespan. Lúí Smyth, representing the activist group Basic Income Ireland, talks about reasons to implement basic income, and how it could affect life in Ireland. Ian Golding, an economist, Oxford University professor and a regular

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Video Interview: Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy

Dan Schneider

In this Video Interview, Dan Schneider interviews me about the book Grant S. McCall and I coedited: Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy. Schneider and I talk about the myth that the state and the private property rights system benefit ever last citizen and how it is used to justify mistreatment of disadvantaged people in industrial societies and of indigenous

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Why UBI is the right solution to poverty in America

The following is my address, “The Power to Say No and American Social Policy,” to a conference entitled, “Poverty in America: A Range of Critical Perspectives on Its Causes, Effects, and Possible Solutions.” The conference was held at Florida State University on March 1, 2019 and hosted by the FSU College of Social Work. The audience was extremely receptive. We

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United States: Maryland’s legislator pushing the creation of a social wealth fund for the state

Gabriel Acevero (on Twitter) On June 18th, Maryland Delegate Gabriel Acevero was interviewed by the Basic Income Podcast, about his intention to create a social wealth fund in his state, created with revenue from medical cannabis (but not exclusively). The fund, also labelled “The Maryland People’s Fund”, is designed to eventually pay out to every citizen from the state a

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Finland: Seminar and podcast on the preliminary results from the Basic Income trial

Minna Ylikännö. Picture credit to: Kela A half-day seminar called “Finnish Basic Income Experiment – Science meets social security reform” happened on the 4th of April, hosted by Kela, to focus on the presentation and discussion of the recently concluded (the cash transfer’s stage) basic income trial’s preliminary results. At the seminar, other Kela researchers communicated their analysis on the

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PODCAST: Scott Santens reads his own interview with Forbes magazine about UBI

Scott Santens Back in September 2016, Scott Santens gave an interview, published in Forbes Magazine, which he now reads on this podcast. Near the end of the podcast, Santens says what might summarize his position on the relationship between basic income and work: If we truly do want a free society, we should care about making a free market for

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Scott Santens: Think like a Martian

Richard Feynman (“If you can’t explain something in simple terms, you don’t understand it“)   If Martians did exist, they would know nothing about human endeavours (assuming they had not come to Earth in UFO’s before). They would look at humans from a place of absolute ignorance of what it means to be human, and – let’s assume – with

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Bringing UBI into the Public Discourse, feat. Annie Lowrey

Annie Lowrey. Picture credit: ComedyCentral, The Daily Show     AUDIO: Annie Lowrey on Basic Income Podcast   Annie Lowrey, policy reporter for the New York Times and author of the book “Give People Money: How a Universal Basic Income Would end Poverty, Revolutionize Work, and Remake the World” joined the Basic Income Podcast to discuss her book and its reception.

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Next System Podcast on Carbon Tax

The Next System Podcast, which states that it “seeks to understand contemporary challenges, interrogate emerging possibilities, and begin imagining the next system”, recently interviewed Jeremiah Lowery and Camila Thorndyke of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network about their “Put a Price on it, D.C.” campaign. This campaign aims to institute a local carbon tax on dirty energy sources and redistribute the

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