India: numerous articles about Basic Income in the press

India: numerous articles about Basic Income in the press

Numerous articles about Basic Income have appeared in the press in India, contributing to an already lively debate about Basic Income in the country.

In March, Neil Howard and Sarath Davala wrote an article for Al Jazeera:

Alongside securing a regular supply of food, therefore, unless our governments plan to supplant the market economy entirely and move towards a system of resource-allocation that is less anarchic, one of their primary tasks must be to ensure that people have enough money in their pockets to buy it. This is where introducing a basic income becomes an option.

Also in March, Prem Das Rai and Sarath Davala wrote an article for the Financial Express asking for an Emergency Basic Income:

We advocate that an emergency basic income be provided through the direct cash transfer mechanism that Government of India has implemented. This will not only arrest potential social unrest but also ensure that there is continued aggregate demand to sustain our economy.

(Further articles about the needs of migrant workers in India can be found here and here)

More recently, Guy Standing, Renana Jhabvala and Sarath Davala have written an article in the Indian Financial Express recommending a Basic Income.

For society to have the required resilience to survive this crisis and to recover from it, everybody must have the capacity to try to respond responsibly. If some groups are left vulnerable and deprived, all groups will be vulnerable and deprived. A basic income would give meaning to the claim that ‘we are all in this together’.

UK Liberal Democrats discuss Basic Income

UK Liberal Democrats discuss Basic Income

One of the contenders for the leadership of the UK’s Liberal Democratic Party has edited a a book of policy ideas for the party: Build Back Better. Among those policies is a Basic Income:

Nothing could be more uncertain than what will happen as we emerge from coronavirus. People have lost their jobs or are uncertain if there’ll be jobs to go back to. There has been an exponential increase in food bank usage. A huge number of people are applying for Universal Credit – many for the first time – and are left waiting five weeks for their first payment, pushing them nearer and nearer the brink. This comes on top of the likelihood of a deep recession, with all the ensuing impact on our wellbeing and our hope for the future.

UBI is not a silver bullet; we would, for example, need a separate, properly funded system to ensure that everyone has a safe and secure home. What UBI does is turn on its head our idea of the value each of us hold. It starts us on a clear path to a more equal society. It’s a tipping point at which we can reshape our society and our economy for the better.

When I first heard about UBI, I was far from convinced. But I watched, I worried, I read and I changed my mind. (Cllr Rhys Taylor, pages 29-30

Report published about the Scottish Basic Income pilot project feasibility study

Report published about the Scottish Basic Income pilot project feasibility study

The group studying the desirability and feasibility of a Basic Income pilot project in Scotland has published its final report.

“PARTNERS involved in exploring the feasibility of a Citizens’ Basic Income (CBI) pilot in Scotland have completed the draft final report on their findings. The report concludes a CBI pilot is desirable, but recognises the significant challenges involved. … “

To read the report, click here.

An article from the BBC about the feasibility study can be found here.

Further analysis of the report will follow soon from BIEN’s affiliate, Citizen’s Basic Income Scotland.

BIEN’s new website

BIEN’s new website

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