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Jim Pugh, “Pres. Obama and Congress: Enact a Basic Income for All Americans”

This campaign, launched in May was able to get nearly 6000 signatures in just two days. The petition is designed to urge the federal government in the United States to adopt a basic income to shift the economy to one that doesn’t require full employment.   Jim Pugh, “Pres. Obama and Congress: Enact a Basic Income for All Americans” CredoMobilize.Com,

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FRENCH: Michel Santi, “Pour sauver les riches, soulageons les pauvres!” [To save the rich, relieve the poor!]

This economist offers the perspective that giving money to every citizen will boost consumption, stimulate the economy, and will put equity into society while having a positive impact on employment. He argues that it is in the interest of capitalism to establish basic income. Michel Santi, “Pour sauver les riches, soulageons les pauvres!” La Tribune, April 27, 2015

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UNITED STATES: Ralph Nader Voices Support for Basic Income

In a recent interview with Steven Shafarman, program director of an organization called Basic Income Action, Ralph Nader voiced extensive support for the idea of basic income. He compared it to his work to ban smoking on airplanes: saying that one day he hopes to see basic income go through the same shift in public perception to becoming something that

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UNITED STATES: New Group Formed: Caregivers for a Basic Income Guarantee  

Basic income supporters have recently seen caregiver networks join their ranks. In a recent article, Karen Patrick writes about what a basic income could mean to caregivers including freedom from worries and supporting the human work of dignity and love that caregivers provide. A Facebook group of caregivers supporting BIG has also been established.   For more information on the

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CANADA: New PEI Premier Supports Basic Income  

  Prior to a provincial election on May 4, 2015, all Prince Edward Island provincial party leaders were on record as being supportive of basic income. The Liberal Premier, Wade MacLauchlan, who won the election has voiced support for BIG as a poverty reduction policy saying, “We’d be actively interested in pursuing that (basic income guarantee)…I’d call it a model

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