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Basic Income Action is a recently formed nonprofit organization with chapters across the United States whose mission is to win a basic income for all by educating and organizing people to take action. This group is a project of the National Institute for Science, Law, and Public Policy (NISLAPP).

This represents a key advance for those interested in basic income in the US as there are no other advocacy groups like this that are solely focused on advocating for basic income.


They encourage three specific actions from their supporters:

  1. Sign up and spread the word. Which includes signing up, telling your friends, and joining or starting a local chapter.
  2. Donate. The group needs funds to get their message out. Basic Income Action is the only group in the United States that focuses solely on basic income and has the ability to raise money to educate people and help them take action.
  3. Sign the petition. Basic Income Action is calling on all presidential candidates to support a basic income through a petition to make basic income an issue in the 2016 election.

Find out more about this group through their website: or by connecting through Facebook or Twitter



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