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Language, French: Jean-Eric Hyafil, “Expérimenter le RSA inconditionnel dans les départements” [ Trying out the unconditional RSA in the Department]

The French Movement for Basic Income group is proposing a new pilot project that will reform the existing welfare program (RSA) to become unconditional and remove the job search requirement currently associated with it, among other changes. This proposal calls on the new Departmental Council elected in March to implement the pilot program, and in doing so, move closer to

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Tim Borney, “Interview: Neil Jacobstein discusses the future of jobs, universal basic income and the ethical dangers of AI”

SUMMARY: This author interviews Neil Jacobstein who talks about the importance of basic income in the context of rapidly advancing mechanization and artificial intelligence. Jacobstein is the co-chair of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics track. Jacobstein sees basic income as a definite part of the near future, where we will pay people to go back to school, take care of

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Language, French: La Redaction, “Revenu de base, l’idée fait son chemin dans les rangs du PS” [Basic income, the idea that made its way into the ranks of the Socialist Party]

              The upcoming Congress of the Socialist Party in France from June 5-7 will be a chance to discuss basic income and politics. There are currently 5 general contributions and 4 thematic contributions that discuss basic income in varying levels of detail. This article reviews the proposals and comments on the way they include

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