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New book reviews the Namibian Basic Income pilot

A new book looks back at the effects of Namibia’s Basic Income pilot project on the villagers who received the grant. Publication information: Claudia & Dirk Haarmann, 2019, Basic Income Grant Otjivero, Namibia – 10 years. Windhoek, Namibia: Economic & Social Justice Trust The following is the authors’ announcement: Ten years after the Basic Income Grant pilot project in Otjivero,

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This essay was originally published in the USBIG NewsFlash in October 2008.   In January 2008, a Basic Income Grant (BIG) pilot project began in the Otjivero-Omitara area in Namibia. All residents below the age of 60 years receive a Basic Income Grant of 100 Namibian dollars per person per month, without any conditions attached. According to BIEN, the grant

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Namibia May Be Considering Basic Income Grants

The Ministry for Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare in Namibia has floated the possibility of introducing basic income grants for those between 19 and 59, according to Namibian national daily paper New Era. The Ministry was set up in early 2015, following the landslide election of President Hage Geingob. It is headed by former Bishop Zephania Kameeta, who has a

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Setback for Basic Income movement in Namibia

  When Namibia’s president Hage Geingob appointed Bishop Zephania Kameeta as minister of poverty eradication and social welfare last year, the Basic Income activists saw this as a step towards the introduction of a nationwide Basic Income Grant (BIG). President Geingob was considered to be amongst the supporters of a BIG within the ruling SWAPO party, while Bishop Kameeta was

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NAMIBIA: Basic Income Grant request newest step toward poverty eradication

Namibia’s Minister of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare, Zephania Kameeta, announced last Thursday that a Basic Income Grant was being submitted for Cabinet approval and presented the blueprint to fellow Ministers. The blueprint seeks to expand on an early Basic Income Guarantee, which was put in place in a limited area in 2008, ran steadily for two years, and intermittently

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NAMIBIA: Basic Income Grant Back on National Agenda

Minister of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare Zephania Kameeta, a longtime supporter of basic income, has conducted multiple meetings with groups from all 14 regions in Namibia on the topic of interventions to eradicate poverty and distribute wealth more equally in Namibia. As a result of these meetings, Kameeta and the Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare are compiling

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