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CANADA: Symposium on Dauphin Mincome Experiment Held at University of Manitoba

By Jason Burke Murphy   On October 3rd, the Social Work Department at the University of Manitoba held a Symposium on the Mincome Experiment conducted in Dauphin, Manitoba in the 1970’s. This included presentations by the Director of the Mincome Experiment in the 1970’s, Ron Hikel. The resources from the Mincome Symposium held at the University of Manitoba (including the

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David Calnitsky, “‘More Normal than Welfare’: The Mincome Experiment, Stigma, and Community Experience”

Abstract: This paper examines the impact of a social experiment from the 1970s called the Manitoba Basic Annual Income Experiment (Mincome). I examine Mincome’s “saturation” site located in Dauphin, Manitoba, where all town residents were eligible for guaranteed annual income payments for three years. Drawing on archived qualitative participant accounts I show that the design and framing of Mincome led

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Benjamin Shingler, "Money for nothing: Mincome experiment could pay dividends 40 years on"

[Craig Axford] Residents of Dauphin, Manitoba who benefited from Canada’s experiment with a basic income guarantee look back upon it fondly.  Research conducted four decades after the so-called “Mincome” experiment found the project resulted in a significant decline in hospital visits without producing a reduction in labor market participation. Benjamin Shingler, “Money for nothing: Mincome experiment could pay dividends 40

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Portugal: Aftermath of Conference on Basic Income

Minho, Portugal. Picture credit to: Notícias ao Minuto   Last Wednesday there was a Conference on Basic Income at Universidade do Minho, called “Rendimento Básico: uma Ferramenta para uma Europa Social? [Basic Income: a Tool for a Social Europe?]”. It was organized by Centro de Ética, Política e Sociedade [Center for Ethics, Politics and Society] (CEPS), together with several institutional

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Four Ontario Mayors asking the Federal Government to take over the Basic Income Pilot

Four Ontario mayors, with a letter addressed to Jean-Yves Duclos, who sits in the present Canadian federal cabinet as Minister of Families, Children, and Social Development, appeal to the Federal Government for assuming oversight over the Basic Income Pilot project in their communities. The letter from the Mayors of Brantford, Hamilton, Kawartha Lakes and Thunder Bay follows the early end of

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