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CANADA: Council of small town Smiths Falls rejects basic income trial, residents disagree

Councilors of the small Ontario town of Smiths Falls voted on December 19 last year to reject participation in its province’s basic income pilot, to the objection of residents and the town’s mayor. A petition requesting a re-vote is currently circulating online. The story begins, however, in 2008. That year The Hershey Company shuttered its Canada operations, at the time

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The left needs fresh ideas and a new language if it’s to win again

Rutger Bregman spares so-called liberals and progressives no punches in the online Guardian 8/19/16. Bregman castigates the Left for its pathetic failure in not seizing the moment after the 2008 U.S. “financial crisis… borne of blind faith in market wisdom and an utter lack of public oversight”. Bregman acknowledges that the Left has a long history of championing for the

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