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Fiona Ranford, “Care work is a 24 hour a day job, Mr Balls, and should be paid as such.”

SUMMARY: According to this article, UK government proposal to 25 hours a week free childcare is to be welcomed. But it fails to get to the core of a sexist economy which relies on care work being done for free 24 hours a day. The author, Fiona Ranford, makes the feminist case for a Basic Income. Fiona Ranford is a

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BERLIN, Germany: “Workshop Grundeinkommen auf der Aktionskonferenz Care Revolution [Basic Income Workshop on the Action Conference Care Revolution]”, March 15 2014

[Michael Millar] Event: “Workshop Grundeinkommen auf der Aktionskonferenz Care Revolution [Basic Income Workshop on the Action Conference Care Revolution]” Place: Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Franz-Mehring-Platz 1, Berlin Time: 1400 – 1600, March 15 2014 Language: German For more information, go to:

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The Greater Happiness for the More Workers: Basic Income vs Job Guarantee Pt 2

We have reason to support a universal basic income over a job guarantee even if we grant that most people would be happier when employed than when not. Two points are key: a UBI does not prevent individuals from working; a UBI, but not a JG, would benefit the minority of individuals who do fare better outside of traditional employment.

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AUDIO: New Work Order podcast featuring Scott Santens

The London-based New Work Order is a group for self-directed individuals building careers outside of the mainstream. In its own words, NWO is “a close-knit network of ambitious and proactive people who are building careers on our own terms.” The NWO founders describe their journey as follows: Our journey took us from Switzerland to London, where we met with hundreds of ambitious

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Simplifying childcare benefits

By Mark Wadsworth The Citizen’s Income Trust has suggested replacing Child Tax Credits and Child Benefit with a higher flat rate Child Benefit and merging the income tax-free personal allowance, the National Insurance-free Lower Earnings Limit and Working Tax Credits into a Citizen’s Income. These proposals have been criticised on the basis that Working Tax Credits include a Childcare Element to

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