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Roosevelt Institute Report: Modeling the Macroeconomic Effects of UBI

On August 29, 2017, the Roosevelt Institute released a report where researchers Michalis Nikiforos, Marshall Steinbaum, Gennaro Zezza model the macroeconomic effects of implementing Basic Income. (Marshall Steinbaum is a Research Director and a Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. Michalis Nikiforos and Gennaro Zezza are both associated with the Levy Institute.)   The report presented by the Roosevelt Institute evaluates

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Roosevelt Institute finds that giving cash directly to people improves quality of life

Ioana Marinescu. Credit to: Harris School of Pubic Policy.   The Roosevelt Institute finds positive overall quality of life outcomes from giving cash directly to individuals. By studying three programs that share different components of a universal basic income, University of Chicago Professor Ioana Marinescu is able to shed light on empirical evidence showing improvements in consumption, health, education, among other

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Roosevelt Institute report: “Universal Basic Income: What is it, and Is it Right for the US?”

“If the traditional form of work—full-time employment paying middle class wages with benefits—is no longer a realistic expectation, how will we sustain a large middle class in the future? And if the spending power of millions of middle-class families is sharply reduced, what will be the effect on economic growth? These are the big questions universal income addresses.”

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