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OPINION: Isn’t true love unconditional? : The International Women’s Day, the UK government’s Valentine message, and the 50th anniversary of working class women demanding UBI.

The International Women’s Day is approaching. This is a poster for the International Women’s Day march 45 years ago. (Photo above) Two working-class women, one carries a buggy, and the other carries a placard containing written slogans reflecting three of the original four demands of the British Women’s Liberation movement. It displays the name of organization: London Women’s Liberation Workshop.

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Thinking about Basic Income on International Women’s Day

By Liane Gale and Ann Withorn for the Basic Income Woman Action Group (BIWAG) Since 1909, International Women’s Day has been a day for recognizing women’s economic, political and social achievements.  Yet over the past century, March 8 Women’s Day celebrations have revealed tensions between feminists, socialists and anarchists about the meaning of women’s roles in society. Feminists saw full

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