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Liz Ely, “Three ways a citizen’s income could help prevent men’s violence against women”

Liz Ely argues that although BIG ‘by itself would end gender inequality or prevent violence against women’, first ‘it could prevent financial abuse’; secondly ‘it could support women to leave abusive relationship’; and thirdly ‘it could prevent commercial sexual exploitation’. She is a feminist comedian and activist based in Edinburgh. Liz Ely, “Three ways a citizen’s income could help prevent

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SCOTLAND: Obituary and Commemorative Conference for Alisa McKay

Professor Alisa McKay had been a feminist and a vocal advocate of BIG. She was not only a good academic but also a good campaigner. She died 5th March 2014. An obituary by Anne Miller is published in “Citizen’s Income Newsletter, Issue 2, 2014”. The commemorative conference for her took place in 22 and 23 January 2015, at Glasgow Caledonian

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UNITED KINGDOM: National Union of Students Women’s Campaign adopts Universal Basic Income calling it ‘an extremely important feminist issue’

The Women’s Campaign of the UK’s National Union of Students has adopted Universal Basic Income, resolving to ‘widely publicise the societal need for a Universal Basic Income’ and make it ‘a priority in 2015-2016 for NUS Women’s Campaign’, calling it ‘a very important feminist issue’. The policy was adopted as Motion 302 at the 2015 NUS Women Conference which took

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United Kingdom: Cambridge Students Discuss BIG

On 30th January 2015, Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) Women’s Campaign hosted ‘Feminist Fightback workshop on Anti-capitalist Feminism and Basic Income.’ Three women from ‘Feminist Fightback’ collective introduced history of the idea and current campaigns on basic income, and also their own anti-capitalist feminist struggle. Around 30 people turned up and had good discussions.   For CSUS Women’s Campaign, see:

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