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Video: Charles Eisenstein’s view of Unconditional Basic Income, in a nutshell

Charles Eisenstein. Picture credit to: Resilience.   Charles Eisenstein, author, thinker and true believer that a better world is possible, has spoken his mind about Unconditional Basic Income (UBI). For that purpose, he has recorded this short video.   In his view, UBI stands as a threat for the current work marketplace, since people (getting a UBI) would not easily

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Charles Eisenstein: basic income as “technology of reunion”

Charles Eisenstein is a degrowth activist, speaker and author of several books including “Sacred Economics,” and “The Ascent of Humanity” (some of which are available online for free), as well as a long time proponent of “alternative narratives,” political and economic ideas that challenge our current system. His work combines an interest in ecology with biology, earth healing, and the

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