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Eleventh North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress to take place in Toronto in 2012

The 11th Annual North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress will take place May 3-5, 2012 at the University of Toronto on the theme of Putting Equality Back on the Agenda: Basic Income and Other Approaches to Economic Security for All. While Canada, the United States, and many other OECD countries have grown increasingly unequal in recent years, equality has not

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OPINION: Thinking About Ethical Leadership: An ethical response to poverty in Canada

Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet a significant number of Canadians live in poverty. As economic disparity increases in Canada, many citizens seem not to recognize the poverty in their midst. The author calls for greater knowledge, imagination and understanding of our interconnectedness in order to spur an ethical response to poverty alleviation.

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CANADA: Poverty Free Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is one of few provinces in Canada that does not have a formally adopted and detailed plan to tackle poverty.  During the International Week for the Elimination of Poverty (17 – 23 October) a new network called Poverty Free Saskatchewan released a discussion paper calling upon the provincial government to develop such a plan, in collaboration with people living

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CANADA: Yukon government urged to implement a basic income

The leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) in Yukon (one of Canada’s three Federal territories), Steve Cardiff, has put forward a notice of motion for the Yukon Government to introduce a Guaranteed Minimum Annual Income Allowance. According to the official report from Yukon’s legislative assembly, he urged “the Yukon government to implement a guaranteed minimum annual income allowance for

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