CANADA: Green Party Platform includes livable income


Green Party leader Elizabeth May recently announced her party’s platform for the upcoming Canadian national elections. Among the key planks of the party platform was that of a livable income to ensure no Canadian lives in poverty.

Other key elements of the platform included a housing plan with affordable, predictable home care support and abolition of tuition fees / debt-forgiveness of student debt over $10,000.

Full story and complete list of the Green Party platform can be found at:

Kathleen Harris, “Green Party platform promises to expand rail, eliminate tuition,”, September 9, 2015.

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  • Natural Nurture

    This women is a saint and saviour and not working for anybody but us. She and the party is NOT in the pocket of anyone.
    No Koch Brothers, Oil Companies, Munitions Manufacturers, Pharma-Surgical consortiums nor Monsanto’s Monsters…NOBODY!!

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