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United States: A bill to test basic income in Massachusetts is being discussed

Tami L. Gouveia (left) and James B. Eldridge (right). Picture credit to Lusoamericano (Tami) and Wikipedia (James). Although it is considered an unlikely pass, House Bill 1632, which would put in place a basic income pilot test in the state of Massachusetts, is being discussed at the local parliament. This pilot program would broadly consist on unconditionally dispensing 1000 $/month

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United States: Maryland’s legislator pushing the creation of a social wealth fund for the state

Gabriel Acevero (on Twitter) On June 18th, Maryland Delegate Gabriel Acevero was interviewed by the Basic Income Podcast, about his intention to create a social wealth fund in his state, created with revenue from medical cannabis (but not exclusively). The fund, also labelled “The Maryland People’s Fund”, is designed to eventually pay out to every citizen from the state a

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United States: Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib backs up basic income bill for the United States

Rashida Tlaib. Picture credit to: HuffPost.   On the 30th of May, 2019, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib hosted the 13th Congressional District Women and Families Roundtable with community members and advocates from across the Redford district (Michigan) (1). The roundtable took place at the Redford Community Center in Redford Township, and was attended by elements of local advocacy groups, teachers, union

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