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Exporting the Alaska Model: An early version now available for free download

An early version of the book, Exporting the Alaska Model, is available for download for the first time. This is possible because most academic publishers allow authors and editors to post early versions of their works on their person websites. A preview, written in 2012, is below. If you’d like to cite or quote it, please refer to the published

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New book reviews the Namibian Basic Income pilot

A new book looks back at the effects of Namibia’s Basic Income pilot project on the villagers who received the grant. Publication information: Claudia & Dirk Haarmann, 2019, Basic Income Grant Otjivero, Namibia – 10 years. Windhoek, Namibia: Economic & Social Justice Trust The following is the authors’ announcement: Ten years after the Basic Income Grant pilot project in Otjivero,

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Video Interview: Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy

Dan Schneider

In this Video Interview, Dan Schneider interviews me about the book Grant S. McCall and I coedited: Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy. Schneider and I talk about the myth that the state and the private property rights system benefit ever last citizen and how it is used to justify mistreatment of disadvantaged people in industrial societies and of indigenous

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The book, “The Ethics and Economics of the Basic Income Guarantee:” Free Version available

The Ethics and Economics of the Basic Income Guarantee (2005) edited by Karl Widerquist, Michael Anthony Lewis, and Steven Pressman, published by Publishing is availed in a free version at this link. This book available because most publishers allow authors and editors to post early version for free on their personal websites. That means it has lots of typos and

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