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AUSTRIA: Friedrich Schneider, Professor of Economics in Linz (Austria), proposes field trial of UBI

Friedrich Schneider, Professor of Economics in Linz (Austria), has presented a study on a potential Unconditional Basic Income in Austria. The study was initiated by the IWS Upper Austria (Initiative Standort Oberösterreich), an association that aims to promote Upper Austria as a base for companies. In this study, he discusses different models, based on literature studies. The models include adoptions

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John Russo: “Universal Basic Income: a “social vaccine” for technological displacement?”

In the 1970s and 80s, as tens of thousands of American industrial workers were losing their jobs as corporations moved their factories in search of cheaper labor, economists argued that this was part of a process of “creative destruction” that would ultimately bring new opportunities. In reality, the working class never fully recovered. The same pattern is being repeated today

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Gwynne Dyer: “Universal Basic Income — could it work?”

In his piece “Universal Basic Income – could it work?”, Gwynne Dyer writes that current populism fails to realize the extent of automation. Promises like “bring the jobs back” and a full-employment economy ignore the extent of automation in technology. Automation of work is expected to increase over the next twenty years and the author believes this change will negatively

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