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Maximilian Sommer, “A Feasible Basic Income Scheme for Germany”

Economist Maximilian Sommer (Katholische Universität Eichstätt – Ingolstadt) has published a book-length investigation into a financially feasible basic income scheme for Germany, encompassing arguments for an unconditional basic income, implementation details, and anticipated consequences of the policy. The model that Sommer proposes is based on a negative income tax. From the publisher’s description: “This book analyzes the consequences that would arise if

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Scott Santens, “Robots will Take Your Job”

Last October, the program AlphaGo, developed by the Google division DeepMind, stunned the world by becoming the first AI agent to defeat a professional Go player — a decade ahead of experts’ predictions of such a feat. Then, in March, AlphaGo surpassed expectations yet again, winning a match against champion player Lee Sedol. In his recent article “Robots Will Take

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Basic Income on BBC Newshour Extra

Basic Income was the focus of the March 5 episode of BBC’s Newshour Extra, a weekly podcast hosted by British journalist Owen Bennett Jones. The episode, entitled “Money For Nothing?”, features a distinguished panel of four experts on the topic: Guy Standing, professor at the University of London and founder of the Basic Income Earth Network; Rutger Bregman, Dutch reporter

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UK public service union UNISON starts to look into Basic Income

At a recent UNISON Women’s Conference in Brighton, amendments were passed which commit the union to look into Basic Income. The amendments – which were added to motions discussing flexible working, austerity and in-work poverty – instructed the UNISON National Women’s Committee to: investigate the impact of a Universal Basic Income policy on women with caring responsibilities, and publish their

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