Open forum on feminist definitions of basic income

co-organised by FRIBIS UBI and Gender team (FRIBIS-UBIG) and by BIEN working group for Clarification of BI definition (BIEN-CBID)

7.30am Eastern Daylight Time (North America) / 12.30pm British Summer Time / 1.30pm Central European Summer Time / 8.30pm Japan Standard Time / 11.30pm New Zealand Standard Time

Facilitators: Chloe Halpenny, Annie Miller, Toru Yamamori, and Almaz Zelleke

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Researchers, activists, and community members interested in basic income are invited to this open forum to discuss feminist definitions of basic income.


Is a penny a month basic income?

Would basic income replace all existing income transfer system?

What might happen to social services if basic income were to be introduced?

Why are some proposals to distribute money to the head of household called basic income, while many others define basic income as individual-based?

Currently there are many proposals made under the name of basic income. The current discourse of basic income has diverse origins. Some are from ivory towers, some are from grassroots social movements such as the Women’s Liberation movement. The difference on the definitions of basic incomes reflects (at least partially) these diverse origins.

It has been a while since this difference of the definitions attracts debates. However, except a few occasions, voices from feminist perspectives have been underrepresented. Here we would like to attempt redressing this situation. In this workshop we would not pursue to reach a particular consensus or direction. It is a place where diverse voices would be raised and heard. All those interested in the discussion are welcome to participate.