The Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), at its general assembly in 2019, created the working group for “Clarification of Basic Income Definition”. Since then we have had online open forum including at the online venue of the BIEN congress in 2021 Glasgow and in 2022 Brisbane.

The group hereby makes an open call for contributions to the collective discussion. It expects to have one or two online sessions per month from February to June, 2024. Each online session will run around 90 – 120 minutes, starting with speaker’s presentation(s) with discussions to follow. Each session would host 1 or 2 speakers.

If you are interested in to speak, please show your interest by email both to and, by 23 February. The group might be able to accommodate later submission, but would appreciate earlier submission.

After the working group and speakers agree the date, speakers are expected to send the group a draft paper for their presentation at least a few weeks before the session.

In July, the working group will prepare making a report on the “Clarification of Basic Income Definition”. Papers presented at open forum may be included in the report.