BIEN working group for Clarification for BI Definition (BIEN CBID)
Online Open Forum

Date: 17 July, 9am -10.30am GMT

Speaker: Télémaque Masson-Récipon

Title: “How distinguishing between a ´narrow understanding´ and a
´broad understanding’ of the basic income concept can help contribute
to the realisation of both”

Abstract: What is a Basic Income ? What debates surround the way it
should be defined ? Why and how do any of these debates matter at all
in practice ? This presentation will try to answer these questions and
defend a proposal aiming at allowing ubi activism to benefit more
directly from these debates. It consist in distinguishing between on
the one hand a narrow understanding of UBI as a way to distribute
ressources (namely as an equal payment in cash to everyone within a
target group on a regular basis without any activity condition) ; and
on the other hand a broader understanding of UBI as the aspiration to
the universal and unconditional guarantee of the material means of
individual autonomy. The adoption of this analytical framework, it
will be argued, is likely to greatly improve the focus and efficiency
of ubi activism as well as to reopen very fertile fields of UBI
research that have been almost entirely neglected over the last two

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