The Basic Income Society and How to Get There

1:15-4.15 PM, Thursday 20 July

Event link is here

Update July 12: We have changed our plans for the conference because of the rail strike on Thursday 20th July. We will postpone the in-person Basic Income North conference and instead have a Basic Income North symposium from 1.15pm to 4.15pm on the same day. This is to be followed by a series of 30-minute fortnightly ‘deep dive’ conversations with experts on different aspects of Basic Income later in the year. Speakers include Andy Burnham, Kate Pickett and others. More info can be found here and the schedule of the day:

UBI Lab Manchester and the RSA (Royal Society of Arts) North have been working hard to put together a fantastic programme for this year’s conference. Speakers who are joining us so far include:

  • Mayor Andy Burnham – mayor of Greater Manchester
  • Councillor Astrid Johnson – Leader of the Green Group on Manchester City Council
  • Professor Kate Pickett – author of The Spirit Level
  • Jonathan Williams – UBI Lab Wales, who has been involved in the Care Leavers’ BI Pilot
  • Dr Simon Duffy – Citizen Network
  • Caroline Richardson – Spartacus
  • Dr Elliot Johnson – Northumbria University
  • Maddy Radcliff – Musicians’ Union
  • Dr Dave Beck – Salford University
  • Laura Bannister- Equal Right

It will be a fascinating day looking at Basic Income and the climate, homelessness, ethical business, disability, the unions and more. The day will evolve from more theoretical discussions on UBI to how we can make it a reality. We will hear about the pilots both running and proposed in Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.