On 11 January 2022, the International Workshop on Basic Income Manifestos for Presidential Election 2022 in Korea was held and a recording is now available on YouTube

The session lasted about 2 hours and 20 minutes, of which 1 hour and 40 minutes was devoted to introductions, presentations by the keynote presenter and panelists, and comments by presenters. The remaining 40 minutes was Q&A between the presenters and other participants. The total number of participants in the Zoom workshop was 178 from 31 countries. The workshop was moderated by BIEN Chairperson, Sarath Davala.

The keynote presentation, Basic Income Manifesto of Presidential Candidate Mr. JM Lee — by Nam-Hoon Kang, Co-Chairperson of the Basic Social Committee, Presidential Election Committee of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea — is available by clicking here and that by Jun-Ho Oh, Presidential candidate of the Basic Income Party here.

This was a highly informative workshop with some of the world’s leading advocates and analysts of basic income participating. The political economy of introducing basic income was a key feature of the discussions. Mobilizing revenue by taxation of commons-based income and pollutant emissions for distribution as basic income was emphasized. The political dynamics of having both the leading party and a single-issue party campaigning for basic income was discussed. Also notable were the mechanisms proposed in the keynote presentation for increasing support for basic income through intensive deliberative discussions (along the lines pioneered in Gyeonggi Province) and popular assemblies.

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