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Global March for UBI

A Global March for Universal Basic Income is setup to happen on the 26th of October 2019. Currently, ten cities in four countries are organizing a march on that date:

United States: New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Salt Lake Cityon, Honolulu, Orlando

Germany: Berlin

Netherlands: Amsterdam

Ghana: Kumbungu

Canada: Toronto

Marches will include speaking venues, in the case of New York featuring Scott Santens, Karl Widerquist, Andy Stern, among others.

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  • Jozef Schmidt

    I’m joining the debate about UBI, but factual and thoroughly innovative articles on this topic are rejected by open Wikipedia, or Huffington Post and so on.

    First fact: The basic unconditional income is from title related to the reality of automation. It is not a social benefit and so it is not related to things about work. This is important to understand the relevance of UBI introduction. We have to understand what UBI is for.

    The basic problems of automation are:
    * concerned groups with a parallel network offering income, recruited from those who have not accepted or lost their employment in automation process
    * overall change in the content of management activities
    * the emergence of a whole new type of theoretization and education, not yet taken, you see that automation brings with it information technology, which afterward will mean a change in school education

    These already existing problems solves the basic unconditional income, on the output and input side.

    Second fact is, that UBI accompanies the introduction of new technologies and is not about work or poverty, but about functioning, therefore its non-introduction has foremost a negative impact on development.

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