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United States: New (online) UBI calculator

Go to and get an ideia of how universal basic income plans, as presented up to this moment in time (for the United States reality), affect you and/or your family. Given individual or household income, plus a few other datapoints, such as family composition and social security income, the calculator uses plans by Max Ghenis, Scott Santens and Andrew Yang, to name a few, to deliver how much your economic situation is changed under those plans. The ubicalculator website also delivers detailed information on each plan, justifying and explaining the results.

This UBI calculator is an initiative by Conrad Shaw, UBI Trial Manager and The Bootstraps Project co-producer. All the methodology used to construct the calculator can be found here.

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One comment

  • gespil

    With a great sadness I have to say that tragically every single UBI plan I could see following the link provided creates a fake UBI because none of them taxes ownership of Wealth.

    The real UBI is always funded by taxing ownership of Wealth.
    Instead, all the listed fake plans are funded by :
    1) Taxation of Income
    (e.g. tax on Ultra high Incomes, treating Capital gains as regular income, removing social security tax cap, Adjusting Income tax brackets, etc, etc.)

    2) Taxation of Consumption
    (e.g. Carbon Tax, VAT, Financial transaction Tax, etc, etc.)

    3) Restructuring the government’s taxation policies ( e.g. treating Capital gains as regular income, removing social security tax cap, Adjusting Income tax brackets, introduction of new taxes, etc, etc.)

    4) Restructuring the government’s spending policies
    (e.g. reducing defence Spending, reducing social Security Spending, reducing Welfare spending, etc., etc.)

    5) Hope. ( e.g. deficit spending, etc.)

    I wonder, Who pays those people to make so many fake UBI plans?… or is it just the way they have been taught to think which causes the creation of so many Fake UBI plans?

    The real UBI is always based on taxing ownership of Wealth. It is so very easy to understand. Every other UBI is doomed to fail therefore such UBI-s are fake..

    The only UBI that can work even in bad times when nobody is willing to spend or able to earn is the real UBI which is always based on taxing ownership of Wealth owned or controlled by the entities within the society (i.e. humans, sentient beings and all the politico-economic-constructs who own or control Wealth) .

    Yang’s fake UBI is consumption based.

    All those fake UBI plans are based on the incorrect belief that if we somehow tax Income and then we tax Consumption the resulting Wealth distribution within the society will, by some invisible hand, somehow result in optimal Wealth distribution which will guarantee a dignified existence to each individual citizen.

    Such assumption is incorrect and serves the interest of the Wealthy, because it implies a form of very problematic control design which is like trying to maintain a liquid level in a tank of liquid (Wealth) by only restricting the Inflow of liquid (income) and the outflow of liquid (Consumption) without having any indication of how that changes the current level of liquid (Wealth) in the tank of liquid.
    Tragically, all the plans presented with the UBI calculator suffer from the same design flaw therefore are unsuitable as a permanent solution for providing a dignified existence to every citizen.

    So, sad that I, the poorest and the dumbest among you, must tell you these things.

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