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GERMANY: Single-issue political party founded to promote UBI

Activists from different currents of the Basic Income movement in Germany convened in Munich on Sunday, 25 September, to found a new political party, Bündnis Grundeinkommen (“Basic Income League”, called “BGE Partei” for short).

The party’s only objective is the introduction of an Unconditional Basic Income in the country. At present, 14 persons, representing 10 of Germany’s 16 federal states, form the party’s executive. Bündnis Grundeinkommen aims to take part in the elections to the German federal parliament in 2017. This will require the creation of additional sections in the other federal states as well as the collection of signatures that are required to allow participation in the elections.

Ronald Trzoska, a member of the German Pirate Party, is the initiator and the first president of the new party. (The Pirate Party, which acquired 2.2% of the votes in the federal elections of 2013, already supports Basic Income.) Trzoska and other founders have expressed confidence in their ability to have Basic Income discussed during the political process of the federal elections. They admit, however, that obtaining a seat in the federal parliament does not seem realistic at this time.

Links and more information (in German):

– BGE Partei (Facebook).  

– Bündnis Grundeinkommen (Facebook).

– Laura Freisberg (26 September 2016) “Ihr habt ‘ne Partei, lacht mal!” BR Bayern.

– Sascha Liebermann (14 September 2016) “Deutschland bekommt seine allererste BGE-Partei” Freiheit statt Vollbeschäftigung

Reviewed by Kate McFarland

Photo: First Board of Bündnis Grundeinkommen 

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  • Ian Joyce

    I wish this new party the best of luck! I know that there is a lot of hidden poverty in Germany and would like to see a basic income introduced in the UK.

  • Mike van Wyk

    I commend their actions and wish the Basic Income League in Germany, every success with their programme.
    You join your voice to that of many globally, so as to effect a humanist, moral and ethic based centre, back
    into the political and economic dialogue.
    Establishing a UBI Party is certainly a good way to force change, or at the very least, bring the important social message of BIEN and that of UBI policy, onto the political agenda for more serious discussion. I trust that the German people will rally behind this effort, because the power to effect change is ultimately in the hands of the voters. I’m sure that the citizens of Germany, especially young people will rally behind your cause. UBI once implemented as policy, will bring real concrete change to peoples lives. That of, choice and freedom to live authentic, fulfilled lives. Not a life of quiet desperation and drudgery, without options to channel life more positively.
    The philosopher Martin Heidegger, expressed that “average everydayness” to be an “inauthentic mode of Being”.
    We need to be freed, to live more awakened and conscious lives – “authentically Being-in-the-world”. UBI is the only practical solution that provides the necessary base from which one can have real control and choice over how one wants to utilise and express one’s self in life – to find one’s unique calling for an authentic self-fulfilled life.

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