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UNITED STATES: Zoltan Istvan and the future of Basic Income, at the Worlds Fair Nano

“Grand staircase” in Utah. Credit to: Reveal.   Zoltan Istvan continues to walk his path to be California’s Governor. His campaign involves a controversial plan to “develop California lands and use the revenue to form a Universal Basic Income for all California households”, as he told Basic Income News in a previous occasion. Zoltan has given a major speech at

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Interview with Zoltan Istvan, US presidential candidate in support of basic income

Founded in 2014 by futurist and philosopher Zoltan Istvan, the Transhumanist Party is an American non-profit political organization, which advocates the use of non-discriminatory implementations of science and technology to solve a majority of the world’s problems. Despite being in its early stages, the Transhumanist party has been incredibly inspirational for millions of people who are seeking modern, progressive solutions

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