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PORTUGAL: Meeting with civil associations focused on Basic Income

Jorge Silva, from PAN, at the event   On the 16th of April 2016, ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa hosted an event called “de’Bater de Frente – RBI e Sociedade Civil” (Discussing face-to-face – Basic Income and Civil Society), which joined together activists from RBI Portugal (a BIEN Associate) and several civil society associations, as well as representatives from

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Sam Bowman, “Would a basic income reinvigorate civil society?”

With supporters such as Charles Murray and Friedrich Hayek, the Basic Income has been a rare example of a welfare policy that transcends ideological boundaries. Sam Bowman recently reiterated his support for the basic income in a short article on the Adam Smith Institute blog. “I’ve long made the case for a basic income (aka a Negative Income Tax) on

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Would a universal basic income be the ‘death’ of civil society?

The most common criticisms of a universal basic income (UBI) are that it is unfeasible and too expensive. However, in a recent series on UBI in the Washington Post, some of the strongest attacks dealt with the possibility that it may undermine civil society in the United States. Jonathan Coppage, associate editor of The American Conservative magazine, argues that a

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