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This research depository is in the early stages of development. The aim is to make available research that has not appeared as BIEN Congress papers (which will be found on the main ‘research’ page of the website).

The easiest way to discover material on subjects of interest is always to use the ‘search’ function at the top of each website page. This will find congress papers and also items elsewhere on the website relevant to the search.

The UK’s Citizen’s Basic Income Trust website contains a large amount of research material, which can be accessed on the ‘research and analysis’ page and via the search function to the left of each website page.

Additional research material

Empirical Examples/Studies:

Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend:

“Mincome”: Guaranteed Annual Income Experiment in Manitoba, Canada:

  • Forget, 2011: An analysis of Dauphin’s minimum income experiment (note: This was not strictly a Basic Income experiment, although there were significant similarities):
    Main findings:
  • New mothers worked less, choosing to stay at home with their babies.
  • Teenagers worked less and were more likely to graduate because they were under less pressure to leave school to support their families.
  • Hospital visits dropped 8.5% and there were reduced rates of psychiatric hospitalization & mental illness related consultations with health professions.

Basic Income Cash Grants in India:

Two pilots to test the impact of BI grants, funded by UNICEF, coordinated by SEWA.

8 villages in Madhya Pradesh, every man, woman and child given a monthly payment of 200 rupees for adults and 100 rupees for each child (paid to the mother/guardian) – later increased to 300 & 150 respectively.

A similar scheme in a tribal village, with another village as a comparison/control.

Basic Income Grant pilot project in Otjivero – Omitara, Namibia:

535 young applicants were awarded a fixed amount of money resulting in an increase of business assets by 57%, work hours by 17%, and earnings by 38%.

Finland Pilot Project:

The Finnish government has chosen at random 2,000 individuals currently unemployed and made their unemployment benefit unconditional for a period of two years. For current news about this project, see the Kela website:


A not-for-profit organisation, Eight, is granting 50 households in a village in Uganda a basic income. The project will last two years and result in a scientific report and documentary film.

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Basic Income

A Basic Income is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement. Read more

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