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Olivia Barrow, “The Psychological Argument for a Universal Basic Income”

There are many, many reasons that people believe a universal basic income is a policy that needs to be looked at. However, one that doesn’t really get a look in very often is the psychological benefit of such an idea. Olivia Barrow writes about why this is so key. In a society built upon scarcity we are used to wanting the next product

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Mark Walker, “Capitalism Mandates a Basic Income Guarantee”

There are numerous different arguments for the adoption of a basic income. To eradicate poverty, counteract the inevitability of job automation or to allow people the freedom to choose. However, Mark Walker argues that we hear so much about what he terms “leftist” reasons and not so much about the justifications for a basic income for those who sit on

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Scott Santens, “Basic Income on the March (a month in review)”

Due to the recent skyrocketing of basic income chatter on the internet (interest has quadrupled in the last 3 months) the prolific writer and basic income advocate Scott Santens has helpfully brought together all that is going on around basic income in one short article. He begins by demonstrating that the increasing interest in different nations on the rise with the “the addition of

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CANADA: Ontario is Ready to Test a Basic Income

Over the last 12 months, the debate around basic income has seemingly gained interest by the week. Nations throughout the world — including Finland, Switzerland, France and Holland, among others — are currently exploring this policy as a solution to a plethora of different problems, in some cases even planning full-blown pilot studies. Recently, Canada has joined this list of

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Jeremy Warner, “Paying all UK citizens £155 a week may be an idea whose time has come”

With the idea of introducing a Basic Income growing in popularity, The Telegraph‘s Jeremy Warner puts forward a case for its adoption in the UK. Warner argues that a Basic Income would go a long way to resolving many of the inefficiencies of the current welfare system. He goes on to concede that one of the most difficult aspects of

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Shane Greenup, “How a universal basic income could fuel entrepreneurship”

Innovation is on the agenda in Australia with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull giving a key statement on the subject recently. In a recent article in Geektime, Shane Greenup states that what was said left many feeling underwhelmed and frustrated. He goes on to argue that, while the US create technology juggernauts like Apple and Facebook, Australia lags behind. His country

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