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David Kestenbaum, “What Happens When You Just Give Money To Poor People?

[Craig Axford] New research coming out of MIT’s Poverty Action Lab provides additional evidence that unconditional grants given to the poor tend to be spent in constructive ways.  Carol Bellamy, a former UNICEF director, stated that she was “impressed” by the results of the study adding, “The return on investment was more positive than I would have anticipated.” David Kestenbaum,

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We are not the beautiful, “Interview with the group behind the Swiss Basic Income referendum”

[Craig Axford] Enno Schmidt, co-founder of Generation Basic Income, joins two members of the organization to share their experiences gathering signatures for Switzerland’s basic income initiative.  They also discuss their reasons for supporting this vote and how they think it may transform Swiss society.  The basic income issue is now in the hands of Switzerlands’s government, and will be scheduled

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