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Rebecca Vallas and Melissa Boteach, "Top 10 Solutions to Cut Poverty and Grow the Middle Class"

[Craig Axford] In this post from 10 different steps to eliminating poverty in the United States are outlined.  Though a basic income guarantee is not mentioned directly, expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is. Currently childless workers don’t benefit from this tax credit much.  By expanding the program to include all workers, together with an increase in the

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Charlie Hallam, "Why a citizen’s income is essential for real democracy"

[Craig Axford] In this post the author shares his fantasies about some of the many political activities he might find the time and energy for if only he had a little more of the kind of economic security that would come with a basic income guarantee. Charlie Hallam, “Why a citizen’s income is essential for a real democracy”, fearlessknits, October

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Aaron Smith & Janna Anderson, "AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs"

[Craig Axford] Experts responding to a Pew Research survey were nearly evenly split on the question of whether or not robots and digital agents would displace a significant number of workers between now and 2025, creating huge knock on effects for the economy as a whole in the process.  According to the Pew Report’s key findings, “Half of these experts

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Benjamin Shingler, "Money for nothing: Mincome experiment could pay dividends 40 years on"

[Craig Axford] Residents of Dauphin, Manitoba who benefited from Canada’s experiment with a basic income guarantee look back upon it fondly.  Research conducted four decades after the so-called “Mincome” experiment found the project resulted in a significant decline in hospital visits without producing a reduction in labor market participation. Benjamin Shingler, “Money for nothing: Mincome experiment could pay dividends 40

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VIDEO: David Wood, "Robots, unemployment, and basic income"

[Craig Axford] An interesting discussion of automation’s implications for the economy. Among the questions explored is “What scope is there for a ‘Basic Income Guarantee’ to address the needs of everyone who will struggle to find work in the new age of smarter robots?” Panelists included in the discussion: writers James Hughes, Martin Ford, Gary Marchant, and Marshall Brain. David

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