Letter to Members of the European Parliament re UBI

Letter to Members of the European Parliament re UBI

You can read here a letter and its annex that we, UBI-EI (Unconditional Basic Income – European Initiative), are sending to all MEPs (Member of European Parliaments) in an attempt to steer the current EU – wide conversation about the “Minimum Income” towards a social policy that’s as unconditional as possible.


Germany – Ronald Blaschke; Austria – Klaus Sambor; Spain – Angel Bravo; Spain – Leo del Prado; Latvia – Aija Lasmane; Estonia – Jaanus Nurmoja; Hungary – Evamaria Langer-Dombrady; Italy – Fabio Alemagna; Italy – Michele Gianella; Turkey – Ali Mutlu Köylüoğlu

Second Online International Basic Income March

Second Online International Basic Income March

The SecondOnline International Basic Income March was a 24 hours long, non-stop, online, and international event organized and facilitated by Worldwide Meetings of UBI Advocates and UBI Networks. It was held on 25September 2021, during the 13th International Basic Income Week(as a participation in the Third Basic Income March). The online march featured the contributions and participation of hundreds of UBI Advocates from tens of countries throughout the world.

The event started at GMT 00:01 and finished at GMT 23:59. During the online march, all kinds of indoor and/or outdoor activities in favor of UBI were welcome. While sweeping the time zones, almost seventy different contributions were received from different countries and the contributions were made in more than 12 different languages, including Japanese, English, German, Russian, Turkish, French, Chinese, Hungarian, and Spanish.

While UBI advocates, supporters, activists, researchers, and politicians were participating in the event, live connections also were made to several physical/real Basic Income Marches (or events) in several countries.

The SecondOnline International Basic Income March was organized by Working Group #62 of the Worldwide Meetings of UBI Advocates and UBI Networks. Some of the contributors are: Ali Mutlu KÖYLÜOĞLU – Turkey; Robin KETELARS – Netherlands; Valerija KOROSEC – Slovenia; Furui CHENG – China; Michaela KERSTAN – Germany; Ahn HYOSANG – South Korea; Claudia LEDUC – Canada; Eric SZABO – Hungary; Eriko OKANOUCHI – Japan; Kaori KISHI – Japan; Ryosuke NAKAMURA – Japan; Alexander de ROO – Netherlands; Klaus SAMBOR – Austria; John MILLS – Canada; Annie MILLER – Scotland, UK, Reinhard HUSS – UK; Luc GOSSELIN – Canada; Erica WRIGHT – USA; Kimberly WOODS – USA; Tyler PROCHAZKA – Taiwan; Javier GINER – Spain; Raihere MARUHI – France; Jaanus NURMOJA – Estonia; Evamaria LANGER-DOMBRADY – Hungary; Su JIA-KUAN – Taiwan; Irina SOLOVIEVA – Russia; Alexander SOLOVIEV – Russia, Michael HAINES – Australia, Laura BANNISTER – UK.

It is important to note that, as in other activities of the Worldwide Meetings of UBI Advocates and UBI Networks, the Second Online International Basic Income March was carried out entirely by the efforts and contributions of volunteer UBI Advocates and UBI Networks, without financial resources from any third party.

Considering the very limited mateConsidering the very limited material, financial, and human resources and the relatively short lifespan (as a movement) of the Basic Income Movement, it is very helpful to share experiences, and knowledge between UBI Advocates around the world. The aim of the Worldwide Meetings of UBI Advocates and UBI Networks is to promote communication, interaction, and collaboration between UBI Advocates and UBI Networks.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to recall some definitions of the word MARCH:

• «to move in a direct purposeful manner: PROCEED»

• «to make steady progress: ADVANCE»

• «to move along steadily usually with a rhythmic stride and in step with others»

We are looking forward to seeing you and receiving your contributions during the Third Online International BASIC INCOME March, to be held in September 2022.

An online ‘march’ for Basic Income

An online ‘march’ for Basic Income

‘UBI-Talk on our Walk’: A Zoom based (due pandemic) Basic Income March; ‘UBI-Talk on our Walk’, which will be facilitated by ‘Worldwide Meetings of UBI Advocates and UBI Networks’ and organized by UBI Networks, to be held on 19th of September 2020, Saturday, at GMT 12:00, or at GMT 14:30, or at GMT 19:00, as a participation in the 2nd Basic Income March (an initiative by; Income Movement), during the 13th International Basic Income Week.

UBI Advocates, together with their friends and networks, are all invited to this event to participate with a shoe of them. During the event, screen shots in groups will be taken and these will be used for promotion of the UBI idea. During the events, as time permits, limited number of participants will be able to give their short messages regarding UBI, too.

Considering different time zones and in order to host more number of participants from different corners of the World; there will be three separate Zoom sessions, whose details are given at the end of this article. The participants may choose at least one of them,

Thank should be forwarded to our dear friends Alexander de Roo (Netherlands), Claudia Leduc (Canada), Peter Knight (Brazil) and Ali Mutlu Köylüoğlu (Turkey) for their contributions during development of this project, and to our dear friends Gerdur Palmadottir (Iceland) for her proposal regarding the title of the event (‘UBI-Talk on our Walked’) and Gaylene Middleton (New Zealand) for seconding the proposal.

Special thanks to our dear friends Klaus Sambor (Austria), Peter Knight (Brazil), Ivaylo Kirilov (Bulgaria), Sheila Regehr (Canada), Fabricio Bonilla (Costa Rica ), Marek Hrubek (Czech Republic), Jaanus Nurmoja (Estonia), Michaela Kerstan (Germany), Evamaria Langer-Dombrady (Hungary), Gerdur Palmadottir (Iceland), Shobana Nelasco (India), Paul Harnett (Ireland), Robin Ketelars (Netherlands), Kristine Endsjo (Norway), Claudia Leduc (Quebec, Canada), Annie Miller (Scotland), Angle Bravo (Spain), Ali Mutlu Köylüoğlu (Turkey), Barb Jacobson (United Kingdom), Stacey Rutland (United States of America), Paul Ettl (Austria), Cory Neudorf (Canada), Milus Kotisova (Czech Republic), Sabine Heisnerr (Germany), Mike Danson (Scotland), Kimberly Woods (United States of America), and Georg Sorst (Austria) for participation of them in the invitation message with their screen shots (photos).

The timing of the Zoom meetings are all announced as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

All the meetings will be recorded and will be shared partially or fully, especially for other UBI Advocates, who were not able to participate.

The capacity for the Zoom meetings is 500 participants and in case the sessions are full, please see the Facebook page “UBI Advocates and UBI Networks” for additional meetings (in addition to the below listed pre-scheduled ones.)

Hopes are to see as many participants as possible during the ‘UBI-Talk on our Walk’,

Details of the Scheduled Zoom Meetings on 19th of September, 2020, Saturday :

at GMT 12:00, Meeting ID: 881 0151 7059, Passcode: UBI4H


at GMT 14:30, Meeting ID: 824 2830 2351, Passcode: UBI4H


at GMT 19:00, Meeting ID: 836 6318 8855, Passcode: UBI4H