The Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) were commissioned by Welsh Government officials, to hold a conference for academics working in the fields of basic income and children’s social care. The conference was held virtually on December 15th 2022 and was well attended by 70 academics.

WCPP has made available a highlights pack (see links at the end of this article) during the week commencing Monday 19th June 2023. The highlights pack includes

  • An overview of the event
  • Links to videos of keynote speakers, including video messages from
  • the Minister for Social Justice and Chief Whip and the Deputy Minister for Social Services
  • An outline of the contributions from speakers including a video recording
  • A summary of the questions to speakers
  • Discussion
  • Resources and biographies

Purpose of event:

The purpose of the event was to enable the Welsh Government to draw upon the best available research evidence about the implementation and impact of basic income schemes and wider support for care leavers. The event aimed to provide opportunities for discussion of;

  • The Basic Income for Care Leavers in Wales pilot and the evaluation that the Welsh Government has commissioned;
  • Key lessons from other research on basic income schemes;
  • Ways to support or strengthen the Welsh Government evaluation; and
  • Additional policies that could complement the Basic Income Pilot Scheme and increase its impact.


Chaired by Professor Steve Martin (WCPP), the conference included contributions from

  • Sir Professor Michael Marmot
  • Professor Sally Holland, David Westlake (CASCADE),
  • Professor Guy Standing,
  • Dr Miriam Laker – Oketta (Give Directly),
  • Hannah Webster (Royal Society of Arts),
  • Dr Eleanor Ott (Centre for Evidence and Implementation).


The conference was positively received by the academic community and provided Welsh Government Officials with insight from academics on the approach to evaluating the pilot.  On the whole the audience were very positive both towards the pilot and the research and evaluation programme supporting it.  It provided a strong endorsement of the approach which the Welsh Government is taking.

Key messages included the need for greater qualitative data and the benefit of creative and participatory methods. This was planned and has since been addressed by adding a new in-depth qualitative research using ethnographic methods module to the evaluation contract.

Other key points included the need for meaningful and ethical participation, this has been at the forefront of the evaluation since its inception. Furthermore, delegates pointed to the importance of building a legacy for the evaluation and using information that is already available to researchers. Useful pointers and personal connections were achieved and Welsh Government Officials are working with the evaluators (CASCADE) to provide a longer term research framework.

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To download a Powerpoint presentation complete with live links to multiple resources including videos of speaker presentations, click here.

To view a pdf of the Powerpoint presentation without live links, click here.