Saturday April 30th was a significant day for the UK UBI movement, as over 30 people from around the country came together in Sheffield to discuss movement coordination and consolidation. Attendees included politicians, researchers, civil society organisations, and activists. Institutiions represented included the Green Party and the Alliance Party, the Universities of Bath and Northumbria, the Basic Income Conversation, COMPASS, Autonomy, the UBI Lab Network, Citizens Network and, of course, BIEN.

A participatory movement mapping session preceded an afternoon talking strategy around funding, communication, engaging with critics, and building institutions to foster integration, more effective and efficient use of shared resources, and coordinated campaigning. Attendees have committed to meeting again to take forward plans that were put in place in Sheffield, and to work towards major national events such as the 2024 BIEN Congress, which for the first time in 35 years will be hosted in England.

Contributed by Neil Howard