A group of Russian professors led by Vyacheslav Bobkov of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Scientific Centre of Labour Economics, Moscow, has published a 371 page monograph in Russian with an English language summary.

“Goals of the study presented in the monograph are to develop theoretical provisions of the concept of an universal basic income (UBI); to summarize and systematize the results of the survey of the Russian experts and citizens about the potential UBI key principles and possibilities of its implementation in Russia; to identify primary foreground categories of the population for its testing; to assess the feasibility of expanding UBI tools, taking into account the development of it’s transitional forms (the definition of “basic income (BI)” is used below for them), especially during the COVID–19 pandemic; to model the pilot projects (experiments) on the UBI implementation for the most vulnerable groups of the population.”

You can read the English summary here and the full Russian text here.