September 28 marks the end of a resoundingly successful BIEN 2022 Congress. With more than fifty sessions taking place over the course of three days, the 2022 edition has been host to landmark discussions on the growing Basic Income movement worldwide.

The key themes covered during the 21st congress were:

  • Crisis and transformation: how can the UBI movement build on the recent expansion of emergency social safety nets around the world?
  • The importance of powerful storytelling to change the hearts and minds of the public to support UBI.
  • Indigenous and First Nations perspectives on basic income.

A comprehensive guide to everything covered at this year’s congress can be found here and in the coming weeks we will be looking to host and distribute recordings of all the sessions* from this year’s congress. Monitor your inbox and the @BIEN2022 Twitter for updates on recordings!

If any of the topics covered during this year’s congress are of interest to you, please feel free to reach out and make your enquiry known. BIEN can be reached via our BIEN main site (, Twitter Feed ( or Facebook Page (, and we’d be delighted to have you involved in the movement.

Finally, BIEN would like to extend its thanks to everyone involved in making this year’s congress a reality. Particular thanks go to everyone involved with BIEN Australia local organising committee, The Centre for Policy Futures,  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at The University of Queensland, the Australian Basic Income Lab, and Queensland University of Technology- hosts whose hard work has ensured the tremendous success of this year’s event.

*Excluding Kathi Weeks’ keynote address