This primer was developed by the Asset Funders Network (AFN) to educate foundations, individual donors, and other funders about the ways in which guaranteed income and related cash-based policies not only strengthen low and moderate income communities and communities of color, but also build a healthy and more  resilient economy for us all.

Guaranteed Income pilots have been increasing in number rapidly over the past few years. In early 2022, there were more than 90 demonstrations planned or in progress in the United States. The majority of these have relied primarily on philanthropic funding, although there is an increase in public funding, primarily through use of American Rescue Plan Act funds.

Most pilots are intended to help build support for a federal basic income, but are usually targeted on specific groups due to limitations in funding and support. Click here to access a webpage with a short presentation and links to a larger primer and the recording of a webinar held on 18 May 2022.

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